About wejo

about wejo

Changing the landscape of driving

We’re revolutionising the car industry with innovative user-centric B2C solutions developed using a cutting-edge combination of big data, telematics and mobile technology.

User experience is always at the forefront of our own-brand, white label and bespoke app developments. Using rewards-based models and unique journey data capturing technology, we deliver unparalleled business insights for a range of companies, including OEMs and leading insurers, and enable businesses to better connect with their customer base.

Wejo has evolved to become more than about journey data capturing alone; we are continually seeking valuable and unique solutions for businesses wanting to reach their customers and stand out in the marketplace.

Wejo inc is a subsidiary of wejo, focussing primarily on the business’ US operations. Following the successful launch of wejo’s UK-based customer experience propositions, wejo inc expands on these solutions to deliver an insurer-to-insurer call trading platform alongside a connected FNOL service to connect policyholders with their insurers in the event of a road incident.

Through our brands and solutions, we offer clients and partners creative opportunities to reach their customer and potential customer base alongside delivering invaluable behavioural insights.

About us

Changing the landscape of driving

We set out with one vision, to revolutionise the car industry. And true to our roots, that’s what we’re still doing today. Our journey started with disrupting the disparity between drivers and the motoring industry. Using big data, telematics and mobile technology, we developed the wejo Rewards app to empower drivers through discounts, journey data and driving scores. Our intelligent journey data capturing technology has now been implemented in a range of apps, including white label, own brand and as an SDK used by Tier 1 insurers and major OEMs.

Wejo has evolved to become much more than about journey data capture alone. We now successfully run five brands: wejo Rewards; wejo SDK, our journey data capturing technology; wejo Assist, a roadside assistance service for connected car drivers; wejo Fleet, a fleet management app and portal; and OEMx, a trusted data exchange platform.

Through our brands, we’re able to offer clients and partners the ability to provide superlative customer service and B2C interaction, give a detailed understanding of driver behaviour, as well as improve road safety and the environmental impacts of motoring.

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